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Incorporated in 1971, the American Truck Historical Society was formed to preserve the history of trucks, the trucking industry, and its pioneers. ATHS began hosting an annual convention in 1972 to educate the public on the profound impact trucking has had on American production and consumerism. With the establishment of the Zoe James Memorial Library in 1977, ATHS positioned itself as the world’s largest historic trucking repository.

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You make the work of ATHS possible. About 45% of our support comes from dues and the rest from a variety of other sources. Your Annual Giving support is one of those "other" sources of support. You make possible the work of preserving the history of trucks, and celebrating the trucking industry and its pioneers.

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Why Join ATHS

Whether you restore old trucks, collect memorabilia, or revel in the rich history of these giants on wheels, your ATHS membership connects you to people in your area and from around the world who share your passion for trucks, the trucking industry, and the trailblazers who shaped it.

Old Trucks and Good Friends

People truly join ATHS for the old trucks but stay with ATHS for the good people! A unique and undeniable synergy between classic trucks and the camaraderie of like-minded, quality individuals keeps them engaged and involved.

Wheels of Time 6 Issues Annually

Whether you opt for electronic delivery or prefer the tactile experience of receiving our magazine in the mail, we guarantee that you'll be thoroughly engrossed by every page of our publication. Inside, you'll discover captivating narratives about bygone eras, remarkable restoration projects, and the stunning world of trucks.

Access to the Zoe James Memorial Library and photo collections

Exclusively dedicated to the American trucking industry, ATHS boasts the most comprehensive repository of literature, technical manuals, books, contemporary journals, photographs, folk art, and a wide array of artifacts that span the entire history of this vital sector, from its inception to the present day.

Access to Webinars and trainings, and more!

ATHS webinars provide a captivating blend of information, entertainment, and educational value. Whether you're interested in delving into the rich history of manufacturers, tackling air system troubleshooting, or gaining insights into the versatile applications of trucks, our webinars offer something to cater to the interests of everyone.

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Upcoming Events

2024 Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony

October 23, 2024
Kansas City, MO

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2025 National Convention & Truck Show
June 5-7, 2025 |  Madison, WI

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On Demand Webinars

ATHS Webinar Series: Milk Trucks: Moo to You!

Presented by Stacey Thomas

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"Old Betsy" Oshkosh Corporation's first vehicle built in 1917

Presented by Tim Wright

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Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time is the premiere publication of the historic trucking world. Delivered to ATHS members worldwide every two months, this vibrant full-color magazine is but one of the numerous privileges afforded to ATHS members. Members are granted exclusive entry to the rich Wheels of Time archives.

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Visitor Center

ATHS Visitor Center

Experience it all from the Zoe James Memorial Library to the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame — where history comes to life! Explore our rich collection of memorabilia and don't forget to visit the ATHS Gift Shop for unique souvenirs and keepsakes.



ATHS Collections Gallery

The ATHS Collections Gallery contains nearly 50,000 prints and is vital in showing the history of the motor truck industry.

American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame

Dedicated to honoring and showcasing the professional excellence of companies, teams, and individuals who have left a legacy in the trucking industry.

ATHS Academic Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, the American Truck Historical Society recognizes outstanding students who intend to further their education at an accredited college or university or a certified vocational or technical school.

Find Your Local Chapter

Join ATHS with 90 chapters across the US, Canada, and online. Your local chapter hosts meetings, truck shows, and industry events. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts, no need to own an old truck to join the fun!

Latest News


American Truck Historical Society - Vision Survey due July 15

As a result of the adoption of a new vision statement for the American Truck Historical Society, there is an effort to translate these words into ideas and experiences. As we think about opportunities beyond a magazine and convention, we are looking at the possibility of something more experiential or immersive that could manifest as a library, archive, hall of fame and/or other.

Responses are due back July 15th, 2024.


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ATHS Welcomes New Executive Director

The American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) announces John Gravley of Leawood, Kan. as its Executive Director.

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David Schnautz Elected as ATHS President

The American Truck Historical Society elected David Schnautz of LaPorte, Texas as
its president for a two-year term beginning June 7, 2024.

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