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From the November/December 2023 issue

Mack Makeover: A Teen's Tribute to Family Ties and Trucking Tradition

Mack Makeover

In early 2021, Joseph Artiglere Jr., from Chatham, New Jersey, came across a dusty photograph that set him on an unexpected journey. It was of a 1968 Mack R-615ST, a truck once belonging to his grandfather. With a deep appreciation for his grandfather's knack for fixing trucks with scarce resources, 16-year old Joseph was inspired to reclaim this piece of family history.

His search led him to Boonton, where he found the truck in a state of neglect. Convincing the owner to part with it took patience and persistence, but Joseph’s dedication paid off. Two years of periodic check-ins ended with the truck finally becoming his.

For Joseph and his friends, antique trucks aren't just old vehicles; they're legacies of the hard work and memories of those who used them. The commitment to restoring these trucks involves long hours, a lot of know-how, and a passion for the stories they carry.

Now, Joseph is bringing new life to the Mack with his grandfather's help, preserving a family tradition and the truck's historic value. It's a bonding experience, rooted in respect for the past and enthusiasm for the challenge of restoration.

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