Golf Carts

Want to cruise around in style during our epic event?  Be sure and click the red button below to rent a golf cart for the event. Online purchases only. Thank you for abiding by the ATHS Golf Cart Policy.

      Golf Cart Rental

Now, if you're rolling in with your very own golf cart, kudos to you! No need to break a sweat – just make sure it's registered with ATHS and follows our ATHS Golf Cart Policy to keep the good times rolling without a hitch. So, whether you're renting or bringing your own, get ready to rev up the excitement on wheels at ATHS!


ATHS Golf Cart Policy

A “golf cart” will be an overarching term for vehicles defined as any low-speed vehicle that is no wider than 60 inches and has a maximum weight of 2,000 pounds. No ATVs, UTVs, or side-by-side sport vehicles. Golf carts must be operated in accordance with the following:

  • Maximum speed of 20 MPH.
  • The licensed driver will remain in control and will be responsible for the golf cart’s safe operation.
  • A certificate or proof of insurance for the vehicle must be provide before operation of vehicle on premises.
  • Traffic laws and rules must be followed.
  • Any accidents or crashes are to be reported to the Event Manager immediately.

Each vehicle must be registered with event personnel. Registration will include a numbered decal to be displayed at all times. The decal will include emergency contact name and number, and the owner’s information.

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