Oregon Exemptions

Attention ATHS Salem Attendees Transporting Vehicles to Truck Show

The following instructions were provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation regarding exemptions for registration requirements and weight/mileage tax:

Greetings all,

After some discussion throughout Motor Carrier in regards to the upcoming antique truck show, it has been decided that rather than issue upwards of one thousand hobby letters, the Department will communicate with weighmasters and enforcement about the event. We are sending out information to our folks to make them aware of the event and what to be looking for when the vehicles in question cross the scales or are observed on the road.

I suggest that along with the press release information you distribute to your members, that you suggest that those members carry in the vehicles, copies of the flyers and information surrounding the event they are attending in order to be able to present it to enforcement in the event it is needed. 

It is important to note that vehicles that are strictly private, not used in commercial operations, even though the gross weight or actual weight of the vehicle(s) may be in excess of 26,000 pounds are not subject to Oregon’s weight mile tax. Further, if currently registered in another jurisdiction, either with a valid license plate or with a valid trip permit, these vehicle(s) are exempt from Oregon’s vehicle registration requirements.

If the transportation of said vehicles becomes business related, the operations of the vehicle(s) on Oregon highways will be subject to weight-mile tax and registration requirements. 

With Respect

Michael Idsinga ODOT/MCTD | Complaint Resolution/Economic Regulation Section | Farm Certification
|  3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE Salem, OR 97302  |  Farm Desk 503-378-5203| USDOT 503-378-5358  | Fax 503-378-8815 |  michael.j.idsinga@odot.state.or.us

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