Membership Benefits

s an ATHS member, you are part of the largest group of antique truck enthusiasts in the world. Whether you collect and restore antique trucks, accumulate trucking memorabilia or models, or just enjoy old trucks, ATHS membership gives you access to historical information about the trucking industry and puts you in touch with others who share your enthusiasm for vintage trucks.

Here’s what you get for your membership:

• Publications

When you join ATHS, you will receive a subscription -- that’s six issues a year -- to Wheels of Time. This 64-page bimonthly magazine includes articles and photographs of antique truck restorations, trucking company histories, and personal stories of the truckers who made the industry the driving force it is today. In addition to the magazine, you will receive a copy of Show Time, a full-color collectible publication featuring the trucks registered in the National Antique Truck Show.

• Chapters

Local ATHS chapters hold regular meetings offering an exchange of information on truck history and restoration, sponsor truck shows, and hold special fundraisers and events. With a national membership to ATHS in place, you can join the chapter or chapters of your choosing and start interacting with other individuals who enjoy trucks as much as you do.

ATHS currently has nearly 100 chapters in the U.S., three in Canada and one in Australia. New chapters are always welcome. Click Here to locate the chapter nearest you!

• Library

Open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST, ATHS members have access to the Zoe James Memorial Library, where they can browse through our comprehensive library and extensive archives. You'll find books and periodicals, photographs, films, videos and slides, and histories of industry pioneers, truck manufacturers, and trucking companies.

• Awards

As part of its mission to preserve the history of the trucking industry, the society recognizes living pioneers who began working in the trucking industry before October 1, 1935, and who made trucking their life’s work with its prestigious Founder Award.

The Golden Achievement Award recognizes men and women who have been involved in trucking for 50 years or more, and the Company Award honors trucking companies that operated for 50 years or more. A Museum Award recognizes trucking museums that preserve the history of antique trucks and trucking history.

• ATHS National Convention & Antique Truck Show

ATHS has held a National Convention each year since 1972, alternating between the East, West, and Central regions of the United States. An antique truck show was added to the Convention in 1979. Since then, participation in the National Antique Truck Show has grown from 23 trucks in 1979 to a record 1000+ trucks at the 2005 show in Auburn, Indiana. Just click on the red shield located on the right side of your screen to see what it's all about!

• Requirements for Membership

There is only one requirement for ATHS membership: A genuine interest in the history of trucks and the trucking industry.
So, what are you waiting for? Join today!