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Member Options

Member Options gives you the power to choose—all while saving you time and money. Get quotes from top-rated insurance carriers on Auto, Home, Renters, Pet insurance and more in a matter of minutes. Answer a few simple questions online or over the phone with our licensed insurance experts to compare multiple options that meet your specific needs. To review and choose what’s best for you, click here:  or call 833-378-8224.

LIG Solutions

Our partner LIG Solutions offers individual health plans that are tailored to your unique health and financial needs.

LIG’s licensed advisors work with national insurance carriers across all 50 states to provide members with coverage options that best fit their lifestyle and budget. Advisors will be able to verify doctors and medications are in-network and covered! Contact LIG today to get your free no-obligation health insurance quote!

Call 800-928-7813 to be connected with a licensed advisor or visit


With 35+ years of Long Term Care insurance experience, LTC Global will save ATHS members time and money on your Long Term Care Insurance quote. We don’t just offer one solution. We offer multiple carriers to help you best meet your individual needs and budget.

Highlights of the program:

  • As an ATHS Member, you may be eligible for a premium discount.
  • Your extended family members (including spouses, brothers, sisters, parents, children age 18+, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and in-laws) are also eligible for coverage.

It’s a simple process, just click here for further information and to get started.


How will you spend the years ahead?

That may depend on the long-term care insurance you choose today. Like most people, you probably recognize the need for long-term care insurance. It’s not simply “nursing home” coverage, but insurance that helps assure you of continued independence as you age – without depleting the personal assets you’ve worked hard to acquire. But choosing the right protection from the many plans available can be a daunting task. Long Term Care Resources has partnered with ATHS to offer a comprehensive Long Term Care Program. ATHS members are entitled to a special discount on certain LTC plans available through this program. Call Long Term Care Resources today to receive a FREE ATHS Long Term Care Planning Kit.

To speak with an authorized LTC Specialist in your area, please contact LTCR Toll Free at (800) 616-8759 or visit us on the web.


American Truck Historical Society is proud to have partnered with eHealth to help provide the right Medicare plan for you! Plan types such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Prescription Drug Plans are available all in one convenient location. Enroll in the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) each Fall, or as you age into qualification.

eHealth is committed to finding American Truck Historical Society members the right health insurance plan to fit your specific needs. Visit us today or call (888) 353-1662 to access free quotes or to explore options with a licensed agent!”

Pet Insurance



Nationwide Pet Insurance® provides affordable pet health coverage from preventive care to significant medical incidents. ATHS members are eligible for a 5% discount (or more for multiple pets) which makes this peace-of-mind protection even more affordable. Find out why Nationwide is the #1 choice in America for pet insurance. Click here to enroll or get more information.

Vehicle Insurance



Hagerty provides affordable insurance for your retired vintage or antique fire truck, semi-tractor/trailer, bus, dump truck, or tow truck, Hagerty may be able to offer insurance for these specialized collector vehicles! ATHS members are eligible for a 5% discount. Click here to enroll or get more information.




ATHS has partnered with PFP Services to offer a No Cost Private Passenger Accident Plan to ATHS Members.  The Private Passenger Accident Plan pays $240 each day a covered member aged 18-80 is in the hospital due to an accident in a private passenger automobile up to 30 days.  The best part is that there is NO COST to you. Click here to learn more.

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