Chairman Lenny Wild

Chairman Lenny Wild

I was somewhat born into trucking.  My dad started hauling livestock while farming with his dad in the late 30’s.  I was born in 1948 and fondly remember before I even started school riding with different drivers hauling livestock mostly to So St Paul, MN and Sioux Falls SD.

While in high school I would quite often do local pickup and delivery with a 18 ft 1961 Chevrolet or a 16 ft 1962 Ford.  The fall of my senior year I got the thrill of moving a load of calves locally, driving a 61 Emeryville with a 61 Wilson.  That was when we still had to move the center deck with a crank and cables.

After high school graduation I started driving full time and can remember my 18th birthday (in mid August) calling my dad from St Louis MO to let him know I’d made it to St Louis MO with no problems and all 390 head of sheep had made the trip as well, no dead.  We joked about being legal to drive once I got back to Minnesota. A little over 9 years later I quit driving to work locally, servicing, repairing, loading, unloading trucks, dispatching whatever had to be done. 

In 2010 after 44 years of working for one company we closed down a 60 year old company.

Have always liked cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  Started reading my dad’s WOT in the mid 80’s, joined in 91, attended first convention in 99 (missed 2 since) assisted Duane Ely in starting the Wheat State Chapter in ‘03, became RVP for Kansas in ‘05, then we (Wheat State) hosted converntion in ‘08,

Came onto the Ex Com in ‘08 as 3rd Vice President.

Since 2010 I’ve been driving school bus, and really enjoy the kids and the people I work with.

I live at Newton KS, and have been blessed with a wonderfull wife and 3 children, who are all regular volunteers at ATHS’s convention. Pete usually at the unloading area, Ben at registration, Dana at Photo’s and Helen when she makes it at the ATHS store.

Really enjoy it when truckers coming by stop at Newells Truck Stop and call me for coffee/lunch whatever.