ATHS Awards

Each year the Society is honored to recognize individuals and companies whose contributions helped build and grow the trucking industry into the juggernaut it is today.

Award Categories

Founders Award
Honoring living pioneers of the industry. This prestigious award is reserved for those who began working in the industry before October 1, 1935, and who have made trucking their life’s work.

Golden Achievement Award
Recognizing the men and women who have been involved in trucking for 50 or more consecutive years.

Company Awards
Acknowledging the profound impact of trucking companies in operation for 50 or more consecutive years.

The Harris Saunders Sr. Award
Exclusively for ATHS members. To honor those members who consistently exhibit exemplary leadership and whose outstanding achievements have had a positive impact on the mission of ATHS.

The Museum Award
Recognizing industry museums that preserve the history of antique trucks and trucking history.

Distinguished Service Award
ATHS honors those members who have committed themselves to the Society’s mission through volunteer service at either a chapter or national level.

Historian of the Industry Award
For authors and collectors whose significant work helps inform and educated the general public.

Golden Achievement Award
Golden Achievement Award
Gene Whitaker

50-Year Company Awards
50 Year Company Award
Brown Hurley

75-Year Company Awards
75 Year Company Award
The Mackie Group of Companies

Harris Saunders Award
The Harris Saunders Award
Terry Klenske

Museum Award
Museum Award
Galen Cole Family Land Transport Museum

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