Mission Statement

he mission of the American Truck Historical Society is to collect artifacts, information, photographs, and other relevant materials pertaining to the origin, development, and progress of the motor truck transportation industry; to verify and establish the authenticity and accuracy of the collected information and materials; to place or arrange for placement of all objects, gifts, artifacts, and other items on display for educational purposes that relate historically to the development of the motor truck industry; to serve as a repository for donations, gifts, and bequests.

In support of our Mission, we offer the following statements, which help clarify our operating beliefs [our philosophy], those things to which we assign highest priority [our values], and our preferred future state as a Society [our vision].


We believe that the trucking industry was and still is a major contributor to the economic development and success of this country.  This makes it imperative that we preserve the history of the people and equipment that have made significant contributions to the advancement of the industry. In all we do, we nurture the family and the community.

Our VALUES include:

          1. Fellowship with others of the same interests

          2. Preservation of industry history (collectively and individually);

          3. Display of industry artifacts

          4. Disseminate interests and industry through publications and events;

          5. Growth and help through fiscal responsibility

Our VISION includes:

          1. Working proactively and collectively to build membership;

          2. Working collaboratively to strengthen fundraising;

          3. Remaining the go-to organization for historical truck information;

          4. Continuing the collection of all motor truck transportation-related historical items and proper displays;

          5. Re-introducing our Society to A.T.A. and various state-wide motor truck associations.

Our Society was officially recognized by the American Trucking Associations’ Executive Committee at its annual meeting in Chicago on Tuesday, October 17, 1972, when it unanimously approved the following resolution: 

“WHEREAS, there has not been a single repository for historical data on the trucking industry as, WHEREAS, there is not in existence a sound, well-founded organization composed of motor carriers, representatives of the supplying industry and others, and 

WHEREAS, there is now a responsible organization dedicated to preserving the history of the trucking industry BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the American Trucking Associations, Inc., in convention assembled, at Chicago, Illinois, on October 17, 1972, recognizes the American Truck Historical Society as the duly authorized organization founded to record and develop trucking industry historical data, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the American Trucking associations, Inc., its affiliated state associations, councils and conferences be encouraged to support and cooperate with the American Truck Historical Society.”
This resolution is the result of our [ATHS] application to the American Trucking Associations on June 10, 1972 for affiliation and endorsement.