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  1. Is this show/activity an ATHS chapter show/activity?

  2. Chapter's event participation
  3. (truck, show, state fair, chapter meeting/dinner, etc.)
  4. Are you required to sign a “Lease of Premises” contract?

    (If yes, a copy is required with this request)

  5. Will bleachers be used?

  6. Certificate to be mailed to:
    1. American Truck Historical Society
      PO Box 901611
      Kansas City, MO 64190-1611

    Route Guide and Web Calendar

    Submitted show information will be posted to the AHTHS web event calendar and included in the next available issue of the Route Guide after chapter complicance is confirmed. For questions regarding chapter compliance, check with Melinda Hunsberger at (816) 777-0923 or by email at For questions regarding insurance status, cechk with Kathy Spellman at (816) 891-9900 or by email at


    Display advertising of chapter truck shows is available in each issue of Wheels of Time on the Route Guide pages. For the most current ad submission details, go to A completed ad submission form, payment, and ad files need to be submitted by the deadline date applicable to the issue you wish the ad to be in. If you have additional questions, call or email Jan Martin at (816) 777-0932 or

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